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General (9)

Are the campers separated into age groups?
Campers are separated into age groups.  Usually the groups consist of campers ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14.
Are electronic devices allowed at camp?
Electronic devices are allowed in camp but the campers are responsible for their own device.  It is highly recommended that the campers do not bring any electronic devices to camp because there are enough activities to keep all campers entertained throughout the day.  Items brought are at your own risk.
What do the kids do in early and after care?
Early and after care is a time for campers to meet new friends and have a good time.  Campers are encouraged to participate in fun activities and form friendships that may last a lifetime.  All campers will be supervised during these times but activities are usually informal and can vary from day to day. During early care, campers are also encouraged to eat breakfast.  There may be days that we may have snacks to offer campers during after care.
What happens if a child is injured?
If a child is seriously injured, 911 will be called immediately.  Head counselors will contact the parents and update them on the status of their children.  Counselors will remain with the campers throughout any emergency situation.
Do the kids receive enough physical activity?
Our summer camp program emphasizes the importance of outdoor play.  All campers will participate in outdoor activities regardless of age or gender.  In addition to our already physical schedule, we do offer an additional fitness mini elective that all campers ages 8 and up can participate in.
Are all camp locations the same?

All camp locations follow very similar schedules and activities. 

What are the camp times?

Early Care:  7:30 am - 9:30 am

Camp Time:  9:30 am - 3:30 pm

After Care:  3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Are there any discounts and how are they applied?

Discounts are based on the number of weeks attended and applied automatically after the initial deposit is made.  Our registration process is done by a third party company and accounts need to be activated in order for Wise Choice staff members to adjust the invoice.  To activate an account, make the deposit payment at the end of the registration process.  All invoices are usually updated with the discounted price within 24 hours.  

To view discounts visit https://www.wisechoicesummercamp.com/prices .

When do campers get the t-shirts, book bag, water bottle, and cap?
Campers will receive all camp supplies on the first day of camp.  We do not distribute camp supplies prior to the first day of camp.  

Breakfast/Lunch (3)

Are snacks provided?

Breakfast and lunch is provided by the camp.  Packaged untouched food that is not eaten by a camper will be placed on a sharing table.  Campers may grab anything from the sharing table at any time throughout the day.  We recommend that parents look at the camp breakfast/lunch schedule and determine if they want to pack extra snacks for their children.  Snacks will also be sold at the camp.

Are peanut butter snacks allowed in camp?
Peanut butter snacks are not allowed in camp.  Some of our campers are highly allergic and the number one priority is the safety of all children.    

What if my child does not like the lunch?

All campers will receive a full meal for lunch everyday.  All meals have a variety of items and even the most picky eaters usually likes one or two items on the plate.  Campers that do not want a closed item may place it on the sharing table for any other camper to have.   

Pool (4)

Are the kids supervised in the pool?
All campers are supervised at all times in the pool by the counselors and certified lifeguards assigned to oversee our camp.
What if my child doesn’t know how to swim?

If your child does not know how to swim in the FIU campus, your child can still go swimming with a life vest that is provided by the Tamiami Pool.  If your child does not know how to swim in the UM campus, your child will not be allowed in the pool.  Non swimmers must purchase additional swimming lessons in order to swimming at the UM pool.

Are life jackets available?
Life jackets are only available at the Tamiami for swimmers that do not pass the swim test.
What do you do with the kids that do not go to the pool?
Campers that do not go swimming will stay at the camp and participate in fun activities.  Activities may include watching a movie, playing board games, drawing, dancing, or playing video games.

Fieldtrips (3)

How are the kids transported to field trips?
All campers are transported via the yellow school buses.  We use a Dade-County certified school bus company called Maya School Bus.
Do I need to give my child money on fieldtrip days?
Field trip tuitions are included with the weekly rate.  There is no need to give your child additional money.  Some field trip locations sell souvenirs that campers can purchase for additional fees.  Giving campers additional money is up to the parents but will never be required.
Are parents allowed to attend the field trips?
Parents are allowed to meet us at any field trip location in their own vehicle.  Parents are not allowed to ride in the bus with the campers.  All staff, including volunteers, have to be cleared and fingerprinted prior to the summer.  

Counselors (3)

Are the counselors certified teachers?
Most camp staff are certified teachers in the state of Florida.
What is the counselor to child ratio?
The counselor to child ratio is at most 10:1.  The camp ratio is usually much better when you calculate the camp directors and volunteers that are assisting in the daily activities.
Are background checks performed on the employees?
All employees and volunteers have to go through a level 2 background and fingerprints screening.  If a person is not cleared, they cannot work at Wise Choice Summer Camp.

Volunteers (2)

Are the volunteers left alone with the kids?
Volunteers are never alone with the campers. Certified staff members will be at the camp site at all times. Volunteers are at camp to assist counselors with the daily activities.  Volunteers do not discipline, reprimand, or order campers around.
Do volunteers need to do a background check?
Yes, all volunteers need to be cleared prior to volunteering at the camp.