Locations:  UM and FIU

Dance Elective

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Dance Elective

Campers of all ages enjoyed the dance electives offered at Wise Choice Summer Camp.  Wise Choice Summer Camp partnered with a dance instructor with over 13 years of teaching experience in Zumba, hip hop, and other modern dance forms.  All dance classes begin with stretching to make sure that everybody is warmed properly.  After the stretching, the dancing begins.  

Campers do not realize how difficult it actually is to complete a Zumba class.  Many campers get tired throughout the hour and have to take breaks just to keep up with the instructor.  Many campers and counselors underestimated just how much cardio goes into a session.  Campers are a big part of the dance classes because their constant feedback is considered.  Campers generally like to request different songs or styles of dancing throughout the summer.  The instructor is very versatile and is always willing to add songs or routines into the program.