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Presentations and Pizza Party

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Presentations and Pizza Party

Presenting is one of the main features of the summer camp program. Every week, campers will work on a report that must be presented on Friday. In order to keep all campers engaged, campers will choose their own topic to write about (absolutely no homework during the summer).  We provide a theme, and they write about something that is related and interesting to them. All campers will participate and present every Friday in order to expose them to public speaking at an early age. We feel that this is the most important skill that all campers will carry with them when “entering the real world”. The reports written will be suitable for each child’s age and writing ability. It is absolutely normal for campers to be nervous when presenting for the first time. After every presentation, campers will immediately feel a sense of accomplishment and be grateful for participating in the presentations. By the end of the summer, all campers will be able to present well.

After presentations, there has to be a reward for a week of great work. No better way to start the celebration than to eat what just about all kids love to eat, pizza!  Campers will eat pizza almost every Friday for the duration of the summer. After the pizza, we clean up the rooms and begin the best dance party around. Dance parties may include games, talent shows, karaoke, team dances, and dance battles. Campers look forward to these dance parties throughout the week and we do our best not to disappoint them. Campers will be tired when they get home from summer camp because of all the fun summer activities that they participate in. If you want your child to thank you all summer, enroll them at Wise Choice Summer Camp today!