Kendall Summer Camp

The Kendall location of Wise Choice Summer Camp is a summer camp like no other.  This and our University of Miami Summer Camp are directed by Florida certified teachers and both camps were created to build self-confidence and give campers an active and fun summer learning experience.

All activities revolve around a weekly educational field trip taken on Wednesdays. The field trips and the tailored activities that go along with them ensure that campers are never bored and that they are always actively learning.  The weekly activities culminate with a report, which the campers present in front of the camp every Friday.  Although this may seem nerve racking at first, it inevitably turns out to be what campers look forward to most at the end of every week.

The Florida International University (FIU), University of Miami, and Kendall Summer Camp ensure that campers will enjoy plenty of physical activity.   Fitness is an important factor in every child’s development and enrolling your child in the Kendall location of The Wise Choice Summer Camp also ensures that your child will have an active summer.  We encourage all campers to participate in the daily outdoor athletic activities four times per week.  Activities include football, soccer, volleyball, box ball, dodge ball, and relay races.  In addition, our campers also swim three times a week at the University of Miami’s outdoor pool.

This summer is going to be a summer your child never forgets.

Education and Fun is How It's Done!