Locations:  UM, FIU and Doral

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How do I register for camp?

All campers must register online.  Click the registration tab, create a profile, and fill out the form.  Campers will not be enrolled in our camp program unless a deposit payment is made at the end of the form.  A deposit payment will activate your account and reserve the weeks selected for your child.

How do I pay the remaining balance on my account?

To pay the remaining balance log into your account at https://wisechoice.campium.com/login.php.  Once logged in, click the account button on the top right and the Account History, Balance, Make Payments link.  This will take you to the payment screen.

When are payments due?

Camp is on a pre-paid basis and the camp week must be paid for by the Saturday before the following week.  Ex:  Week 1 will begin on June 11, this week must be paid for in full by June 9.  On June 10, our staff members will make sure that all accounts are current.  Accounts that are not up to date will be automatically charged on the credit card on file.  If by any chance the payment does not go through, the parent will have until Monday (June 10) to make the payment.  Failure to do so will result in the child not being admitted to camp on the following day.  

What happens if I fall behind on payments?

Camp is on a pre-paid basis and the following week of camp is always due on the Sunday leading to the camp week.  Parents have until the Monday of the camp week to make the accounts current.  Failure to do so will result in the camper not being admitted the following day.

What type of payments are accepted?

All initial registrations must be paid online with a credit card (American Express is not accepted).  Once camp starts, parents can pay by logging into their account and paying online.  You can also pay by check or cash on the Monday of the camp week to the director in charge.  Online payments are the preferred method in order to avoid falling behind.  Please note that if you forget to pay on Monday, your child will only be admitted to camp on Tuesday with an updated payment.