Locations:  UM, FIU and Doral

Early Bird Special

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Are the kids supervised in the pool?

All campers are required to pass a swim test before participating in swim activities.  All campers are supervised at all times in the pool by the counselors and certified lifeguards assigned to oversee our camp.

What if my child doesn’t know how to swim?

If your child does not know how to swim in the FIU or Doral campus, your child can still go swimming with a life vest that is provided by the Tamiami Pool and/or Miami Springs Aquatic Center.  If your child does not know how to swim in the UM campus, your child will not be allowed in the pool. There will not be swim lessons available this summer. 

Are life jackets available?

Life jackets are only available at the Miami Springs Aquatic Center and/or Tamiami Pool for swimmers that do not pass the swim test.  At the UM pool, life jackets are not permitted or available. 

What do you do with the kids that do not go to the pool?
Campers that do not go swimming will stay at the camp and participate in fun activities.  Activities may include watching a movie, playing board games, drawing, dancing, or playing video games.