Locations:  UM and FIU

Early Bird Special

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Are snacks provided?

Lunch and snacks are provided by the camp.  Packaged untouched food that is not eaten by a camper may be placed on a sharing table.  Campers may grab anything from the sharing table at any time throughout the day.  We recommend that parents look at the camp lunch/snack schedule and determine if they want to pack extra snacks for their children.  Snacks will also be sold at the camp.

Are peanut butter snacks allowed in camp?
Peanut butter snacks are not allowed in camp.  Some of our campers are highly allergic and the number one priority is the safety of all children.    

What if my child does not like the lunch?

All campers will receive a full meal for lunch everyday.  All meals have a variety of items and even the most picky eaters usually likes one or two items on the plate.  Campers that do not want a closed item may place it on the sharing table for any other camper to have.   

Are vegetarian/vegan meals provided?

Unfortunately, we do not provide vegetarian/vegan meals.  All meals do come with a milk, fruit or juice, and vegetables.  Campers are encouraged to eat any of the items that they like on the menu.  It is highly recommended that parents provide a meal to their children so that they are not hungry during the day.