Locations:  UM, FIU and Doral

Taekwondo Elective

Early Bird Special

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Taekwondo Elective

Wise Choice Summer Camp is very excited to announce that we have partnered up with Martial Arts System (MAS).  At Wise Choice, we are always trying to expose children to activities that will enrich and improve the lives of our campers. One of our goals is to prepare children for anything that the world has to offer.  We feel that adding a martial arts component to the camp is a great way to teach campers of the importance of being disciplined.  MAS will be providing lessons every Tuesday at each location this summer.  

MAS was established in 1997. MAS has taught thousands of students throughout the years while focusing on important qualities such as respect, self-control, discipline, and self-defense. MAS teaches Spongahm Taekwondo, a martial arts originated in Korea, which trains individuals both physically and mentally. Campers will have opportunity to train with some of their best certified instructors and learn how to control their body, as well as their emotions.